A wooden piece of furniture is like man himself. It lives and breathes. We owe it respect throughout its life.

In order to clean wooden and lacquered surfaces, it would be best not to use any kind of detergent, as it can contain various substances which are not wood-friendly.

Liquid green soap and a good vetex sponge are the best combination to clean wooden furniture.

Renewing and using only water, you can remove soap with the Vetex sponge.

Finally, you continue with a dry and soft cloth, so as to remove humidity from furniture.

For granite, quartz, corian and wooden benches, one follows the same cleaning procedure as for doors.

You must not forget to remove humidity from the materials’ joints, mainly for wooden surfaces.

If you maintain this procedure carefully, our furniture will last impressively long and they will always appear new.

Our INOX surfaces should be cleaned with a soft cloth in order to avoid scratches.