Plan Act has established a modern perception in kitchen furniture design. According to the needs of each space and the luxury of our constructions, we always aspire to perfectly organize each home that we curate. Our goal is to create a synthesis of furniture of good function, rational organization and impressive lines, so as to impose themselves into space.

Besides, our «mom’s kitchen» taught us what to keep in our own home. In our exhibition space we dispose a wide selection of unique kitchen furniture combining clever ergonomy with high aesthetics. Our customers are impressed with our designers’ training.


Our furniture is complemented through our collaboration with foreign houses concerning mechanism products, accessories, knobs, sinks, mixers and lighting. The electric appliances companies chosen by Plan Act offer an integrated solution to our customers. In our kitchen furniture, we offer complex applications for every individual or professional.

Plan Act has managed to create independent kitchen furniture compositions of the new era, always based on the know-how and on the special conception of a modern home’s needs.

Plan Act aspires to continually develop and evolve its products. We wish to have an impeccable collaboration with our client. The proper organizing of a whole resides in choosing our collaborators and suppliers. Accessories like kitchen benches, furniture materials, knobs, crystals (various types of displays or surfaces), glass tables and indirect lighting assist us to render a construction whole and save time for our consumer.


The material of the bench is very important to kitchen furniture. Modern tendencies in the market have a broad spectrum of applications, using artificial marble – natural granites and Quartz stone, as well as other similar and mineral materials. Each category is applied to the corresponding furniture composition. The coloring variety is ideal in order to satisfy our customers.


When designing with us, we will assist you to achieve a good perception of your spaces so as to choose wisely the proper lighting, whether apparent (spot, simple lamps, halogen lamps, lighting rods, fluorescent, led, etc.) or indirect lighting.

The kitchen indirect lighting with led systems, plaster constructions with neon lamps, renders the kitchen furniture interesting and pleasant. Lighting must be equally friendly on all levels and in numerous tones (warm or cold), on the same furniture in order to make it more presentable. The kitchen is an important piece of furniture in every home, requiring the presence of integrated lighting systems with different applications. There must not be any shadowy spots left. Moreover, the lighting study must take into consideration the absorbency of our wooden applications. All these parameters are dealt with daily through our firm.

Choose Plan Act for your kitchen furniture.