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Plan Act believes that every space is special. Even more so, a professional office space.

Office furniture must combine many pieces of furniture which are composite as well as flexible to use.

We design and complete professional space applications through the credibility of our Plan Act brand.

Our firm’s dynamic is composed of architects and decorators who are the basis for a complete construction. Our company aims to continually educate its personnel in new pioneering techniques and luxurious materials, in order to achieve the best result possible.

Through our technical know-how, our design solutions and suggestions can assist every professional who will choose us to design his office. To us, business furniture is an evolution with a high degree of expectations to range high in market choices thanks to our clients.

Our firm gives you the full picture in detail, precision and clarity, through photorealistic designs so as to depict our materials more easily. Office furniture which is not functional can make everyday living hard.
We therefore try to see what works for us and we offer it to you.

Our long experience in the everyday use of the business office space has taught us that our suggestions must cover a broad range of requirements for each space. Our firm’s dominance in this field must also pass through our continuous updating on the materials to be used.

From study to execution of the furniture composition, the project’s completion benefits from our peoples’ care and attention, through their knowledge and experience, in order to give the signature of yet another Plan Act piece of furniture.

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