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We were assigned with the design of a modern kitchen. We suggested using polyester lacquer, which was accepted, and we chose two colors.

Besides, this was feasible thanks to the composition. The kitchen is ideally placed in the house. It disposes three natural openings which offer abundant light.

It was the owner’s desire to create a particularly pleasant space.


We traced a stone that identifies with the beige coloring of our furniture.

In that manner, we helped to further highlight the dark color of our construction. We wanted to further highlight the island bench, this is why it is six centimeters wide.


The very best mechanisms were chosen. We suggested creating an ergonomic and complete series of kitchen furniture. The companies with which we collaborate are top in their fields.

Design Study:

The kitchen’s size helped us in obtaining a very impressive result.

We created dynamic lines using dark color and we highlighted various parts of our composition. We were greatly assisted by the excellent light. The leading part was played by the «creator-architect» who had undertaken the initial study of the space, before we took over. The owners participated in a core way in the entire venture. We appreciate and honor their intention to let go and agree with our ideas. What is good is that they will not settle for anything less than excellence.

You cannot but love every corner of this house!


Our philosophy is to have closets in simple forma and warm colors.
We decided to use oak wood, in a light hue but not its natural one. We covered numerous areas, each with its own requirements.

Auxiliary Kitchen:

This kitchen is extremely practical, considering its size. It completes the auxiliary functions of the residence. Its colors are light and pleasant, this ideal for this particular area.

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