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The design and materials used here define a modern kitchen style which is not however severely abstractional. Our intention is to create a familiar piece of furniture, adapted to unified spaces.

Our electric appliances, the bench material in a totally white quartz, the glass used for hanging cupboards and the unique lights (with spices boxes adapted on them) compose and declare perfection in a unified allocation of design and furniture practicality.

The main body of our furniture is made of oak, combined with pastel beige lacquer. The quartz selected for the bench and the wall covering moved along the same tones. This created an imposing ensemble which is not dark in tone.

The INOX elements, the Roll Top electric appliances, the water mixer and the accessories complete the ensemble.


For the base cupboards and the sides a synthetic material was used in grey-brown tones, with simple lines. We tried to create a minimal piece of furniture, hence the absence of knobs. For the hanging cupboards we used a shining white lacquer for a clear as well as dynamic contrast and with the same philosophy in mind, we placed glass knobs. We wanted to create practicality as well as to maintain the thought of clean, linear furniture.


The material used is white quartz, also placed at the back.


BLUM hinges, drawers and drawer accessories.

Design study:

We disposed a large kitchen having difficult spaces. However our customers knew very well where they wanted everything, they had organized design and ergonomy ideas and this made our study much easier, many of our choices were their own thoughts, when they had organized themselves a typical relation between colors and materials. We thank them for honoring us with this collaboration and for allowing us later, when the house was inhabited, to photograph our work. The result is more impressive in reality and functional.

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