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We had in our hands a very beautiful residence in an ideal location in Kastri with excellent structural elements.
We took on the renovation of the kitchen and we suggested a modern construction with walnut tree wood and lacquer. The size of the kitchen was amazing. A very well-lit space with 4 natural openings.
The place where the kitchen was situated was ideal in terms of natural light. Regardless of this, the owners wanted a very pleasant, light-coloured synthesis in the kitchen. The material and the colour of the floor helped a lot in the manufacturing.

Light-coloured quartz was chosen and its surface was unique. This is what’s impressive in this kitchen. You enjoy using it with counters of this size. Ideal is the island that separates the kitchen from the dining room.

Our constructions are made with mechanisms from particular companies and this cannot change.
It is our wish to deliver work that stands the test of time.

Our main principle was that the electrical appliances were to be built-in, taken that there were no fridges in the typical form that we know them.
At the original construction of the house two different rooms had been studied. One of them was to function as a fridge and the other one as a freezer. At these points, the doors were changed so as to fit the kitchen. We used glass and inox surfaces.
After this, we had a large side in length to put most of the cupboards and the rest of the electrical appliances. The kitchen had a cellar for storing food and in this space two glass doors were placed so that the place could become more airy and neutral to the material.
We thank our clients for this cooperation. During this construction our communication was unique.
We honor our clients for assigning this work to us.
We wish as a business that in the future we shall have more such cooperations.