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PLAN ACT is once more next to its customers. We wish to dispose kitchen furniture offers at low prices, with practical solutions that are applicable in numerous areas. Many of our clients remodel their homes and they are looking for smart solutions at affordable prices. These offers also come with a wide range of colors and design.

Through its offers in kitchen furniture, bedroom closets and bathroom furniture, PLAN ACT wants to be at the consumer’s side easily and affordably.

Our store can be found in the northern suburbs of Athens at Nea Kifissia, PC 15464, close to the national route, at the Varymbobi junction.

We wait to welcome you

PLAN ACT tends to the quality of your space.

Design:Synthetic material
Color: Dark grey
Bench: : Bakelite 0.04 m thick, natural oak color.
Hanging box: 0.72 m height
Furniture dimensions: 2.19 x 4.35 x 0.60 (height x length x depth)
Cost: 1.620 € + VAT


  • Aluminum base 0.90m
  • Waste bin
  • Plate rack 0.90 m
  • Spoon drawer 0.90m
  • Inox knobs
  • Inox fillings (0.15m high)
  • Grey melamine internal boxes