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Plan Act sees to dispose within its product range wardrobes which impeccably combine materials and new technologies. The perfect construction quality combines applications which are functional for the entire family. Our range of products for opening, drawn, telescopic closets or closets combining doors, with impeccable internal layout and wardrobes is such that it can cover the most unique constructions.

Our wardrobes are modern, classic, young, depending on every installation’s needs.

The new tendency in the design of wardrobes demands for simplified forms – facades – but with perfect internal layout and the use of very good mechanisms.

Different accessories, such as belt hangers, slots for pants, drawn shoe cases and lift up mechanisms are almost always necessary.

With its experience and know-how, Plan Act can assess the needs of its customers and satisfy even the most demanding tastes, as we dispose long years of experience in this field.

Wardrobes are constructed in numerous materials.

Massive wood (where needed and allowed), veneers –natural or reconstituted, like oak, beech, cherry, walnut, zebrano, zapatero, ebony, teak, in glossy or matte.

Moreover, in lacquers, in the amazing color range that Plan Act disposes.

Also in bakelites (H.P.L. hight presure laminate) – acrylic (H.P.L. akrylik surface), H.P.L hight gloss, H.P.L texture ruth or sleek. Our laminates have different feels and colors for a wider choice.

Plan Act completes its closet range through the use of glass. Glass is predominant in the façade of closet doors. Simple or securite glasses, colored or not, simple or extra clear, are among our clients’ first choices.

Following this evolution in development, we have tended to the high esthetics, luxury and perfection of our wardrobes.

With the entire dynamics of our materials, the people that work for us and our know-how, we have achieved a high ranking in our field, judging from the trust of our clients. With Plan Act wardrobes, ergonomy is guaranteed.

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