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Plan Act researches and seeks new tendencies concerning wall compositions. These wall compositions follow the same philosophy on aesthetics and materials as in kitchen cabinets, closets and bathroom furniture.

Wall compositions constitute an incessant renewal of materials, ways of thinking and design and unique lighting installations.

We develop and evolve our products also in this sector. The importance we give on quality is a basic principle also for this category. Our wall compositions reflect our evolution in all areas.

Through its wall compositions – wall furniture compositions, Plan Act promotes its elevated design capacity for these constructions.

Modern horizontal lines, sleek and uniform surfaces without knobs, elements combined through countless possibilities.

Our lines are always clear, with a perfect finish. Our materials are luxurious, highly functional and easily adjustable.

Profit of the situation and save our name to use it when you will be needing a perfect and ideally functional piece of furniture for your living room.

Living room compositions are a field that Plan Act is taking particular interest in.

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