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The residence is in nature.

We had to respect it. The material used is synthetic with a wooden texture and light-coloured tones.
The owner of the residence is young with a very modern way of life and bold in her life. It is not possible that such a person does not know what she wants or does not dare to achieve it.
A stark contrast was chosen in a large and very bright space. In this way, an intense entity was created in the space that we covered. Her intention was also for it to be linear without excess constructions. Good, practical mechanisms were chosen that in everyday life help to make the utmost of its use.


In the main part of the kitchen HPL in black colour was used, as well as in a part of the island. To the island we added the table covered by glass for its further protection.


All our mechanisms were from Blum as far as drawers, trolleys and hinges and the external trolleys for storing food are concerned.

Designing study

The size of the space helped a lot to design a kitchen with a lot of practical drawers-trolleys.
The selection of use for internal knobs was a one-way process. The passages were convenient and without any problems from the beginning. The table is ready to welcome a whole family.
We wish the best to our client. She is objectively very pretty. We thought she had a very beautiful soul, as well.
This is something that cannot be forgotten in such a cooperation.
She has our unlimited respect.

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