• Laminate : 18mm thick, dressed in high pressure sheet that can withstand hits-scratches, varying temperatures and chemicals.
  • H.P.L. : A material of even greater durability, covering almost all colors asked by our clients, as it is of a non-paintable material.
  • Wood : The wood we use on our furniture is Oak – Beech – Cherry– Maple and Walnut in massive and semi-massive form.
  • Veneer : : Innovating creations are made by the existence of natural and artificial veneers, which now cover a broad color palette.
  • Glass : Framed by wood or aluminium, a transparent or tinted glass. Moreover, we are capable of painting glasses in any color at the production stage. Naturally, all glass surfaces of large creations like tables, desks etc. are totally safe. In case of breakage, the glass breaks in small but visible pieces, thus enabling its proper and secure use.
  • Paints : All our paints are ecological, bearing a EU certification. We have paid particular attention in this field. We are interested in the perfection of every composition, and the quality of our paints contributes considerably in that direction.


Our large variety in knobs is possible thanks to our collaboration with 5 great houses in Germany and Italy. They are made of metal – wood – glass and enamel.


Melamine dressed with Class E1 paper, a water-repelling substance. On the back they are dressed with finished attached paper, while on the front they dispose a thermoplastic material (P.V.C.).


Our boxes’ backs are made of 8-caliber top quality melamine, perfectly finished, in different colors according to each construction.


  • Our benches : 4cm or 6cm thick, dressed in high quality HPL, a material resisting scratches, hits, temperature changes and chemicals.
  • Granites – Quartz : in various thicknesses, they are placed according to the style of each kitchen. Our important collaborations with select import units enable us to choose from many different colors.
  • Corian : This is a material allowing for sculpture on the bench and it can acquire special forms for tables and sinks. There is no color limitation.
  • Steel : Dressed on wood. This material allows us to choose benches of different thickness. Besides, steel is considered the most modern construction material.


The finishing of doors is decorated with waterproof P.V.C., colored or with an aluminum feel.


Made of melamine, 18mm or 25mm thick, depending on the piece of furniture. This material is particularly resistant to hits, scratches, temperature change and chemicals.

Dressed in 18mm thick layers, polished or lacquered with ecological paint.


Made of special polyester to withstand weights and shocks. These are prefabricated in different heights.


Depending on each furniture’s material, they are often wooden but also aluminum, for the more modern kitchen designs.


  • We collaborate for the entire range of our furniture with BLUM. The INOX CLASS I kitchens dispose a totally controlled acceleration and the total projection of drawers outside the box.
  • Drawer heights differ, so we use the INOX extensions from the same firm.
  • Automatic closing of drawers with soft stop and ideal adjustment to our furniture fronts.


  • Aluminum sheet in the sink box for protection against water leaks.
  • All lateral sides of our bases dispose regulators in order not to touch the ground and deteriorate.
  • The visible finishings on HPL benches are always in aluminum.
  • Moreover, the placement of HPL benches and the tile joints are always covered in various shades of special material in order to offer absolute protection.


These are imported from Italian houses, and they dispose an INOX casing and their seat and back are made of genuine or synthetic leather. They come in various shades.


Construction of wooden tables is always corresponding to the quality of the wood used for the kitchen:
Oak – Beech – Cherry – Maple – Walnut in natural or artificial veneers. Moreover, glass colored sandblasted or transparent tables are also greatly used.