A model that functions always with flat doors, regardless of the material and color.


The use of an island is a basic choice for many of our works. It is not innovative in terms of design, but it fulfills basic needs.

Many island forms are intended to be the heart of the kitchen. The dimensions and the type of each island are determined by each different room.
Such an attitude towards design contributes to the easy use of the furniture in the daily life of a family.

Sometimes the island piece is extendable and serves as a dining table.


The recessed pulls are a basic feature. The colors and material synergies are configured in order to offer the optimal result.

Plan Act always examines the entirety of each room where the kitchen unit is placed, especially when the room is open-plan along with a dining room and living room, because the furniture unit cannot be disproportionate to the room. We want everything to be proportional and able to cover the needs for which it is made.
We consider each home as our home. Taking this into account, we try to balance the furniture volume with the rest of the room size. This is something our customers give us credit for.

When studying an independent room, it must overall have furniture of excellent proportions which is ergonomic, has functional passageways and modern design. It is not enough to ensure only one of the above, but all of them.
The materials we use for the furniture doors and the surfaces of various furniture pieces such as islands – tables and the materials of work benches (quartz rocks or ceramics and corian) are equally pivotal.
Another important part is the design of appropriate lighting for the furniture and the entirety of the space where it will be placed in.

In modern kitchens the simplicity of a design is often its main feature.
The clear lines of the furniture, along with the materials we choose, lead to an excellent result. We wish to complete our unit with a well balanced result.
When we are allowed to design an island of spectacular size with various selected surface materials – we choose to do so. The presence of the island must have broad passageways around it and special – convenient mechanisms. When the island does not meet these specifications we do not recommend it as a solution. Our goal is not to design an island, but to present an island piece of furniture with exceptional bench surfaces and sizes, because only then will it be a piece that defines the room. Its existence must be utterly spectacular.