At a fairly young age, Galini Kyriakopoulou founded , of Plan Act, in a field that was mainly dominated by men. In an industry where men held the reins, how could a woman – based on her knowledge – order around craftsmen with years of experience so that they carried out each unit correctly?
Regardless of the initial problems, eventually the cooperation with all these people thrived. This was mainly due the respect for the old generation, for all of the important things they can instill in you, as well as the mutual respect that developed through time. Thus, after a while these people became the team of Plan Act. Plan Act.

The knowledge of its people about industrial design was crucial for the growth of the company. It was this knowledge that established Plan Actin the market.

The designer is a creator. A designer wishes for unique works that last through time and must be in love with what they do and breath through it. The thought of designing and completing furniture that will hold such and important position in a house must define their professional status. They must find parts of their existence in it. Moreover, inspiration from the smell of raw wood and the excellent final result after the processing is the second cornerstone of our philosophy which our specialized technical staff serves in the best way possible.

 Plan Act  wanted to have furniture with its own historybeing aware that this history will promote the company.  Plan Act  wants to see its designs taking shape and be integrated graciously into the room which they are designed for. 
Our goal is to manufacture the furniture of your dreams, always ensuring high quality and ergonomics. The innovative mechanisms, our cooperation with famous foreign companies and the fact that we constantly keep up with the trends of modern design allow us to offer extraordinary furniture that lasts through time.

The units we create are: Kitchen furniture – Bedroom closets – Bathroom furniture – Wall units.

Our furniture is ideal for every room of the house and offers solutions that are aligned with your needs and aesthetic.


PLAN ACT chooses to create works that last through time, are able to brighten every home and create a joyous (hearty) “heart”. The kitchen room is the “heart” of the house and we wish every time to create the “perfect work” that will meet your needs in the best way possible.

Our aim is that all of our units fully meet all modern requirements and include new forms and innovative materials.

The result is reflected in furniture works with harmonious materials, colors and smart solutions while respecting humans and the environment.
At the same time PLAN ACT knows that a piece of furniture (kitchen furniture, closet, bathroom furniture) must combine ergonomics with functionality.
Since 1998, our company had a vision: To create unique works that last through time with an extraordinary aesthetic and suitable for every family.

The contribution to the improvement of the quality of life is a commitment for PLAN ACT that drives its new business choices. This is apparent in all of our works and that is why we maintain very diligently the proper planning of the works, the innovative design and the strict selection of materials. This way PLAN ACT aspires to keep its vision alive and the designers as well as the technical staff of the company participate passionately in this endeavor. Our team is here for you!