For Plan – Act this is a very pleasant part of creating. These pieces of furniture are can be helpful for rooms that do not have broad passageways and we can implement more simplified and discrete types even for the most demanding pieces. The final result is of course the work of the unsung but very important hero which is the mechanism of such furniture. Using excellent mechanisms we make it timeless.
We have exceptional mechanisms that enable us to accommodate very high rooms using 3m high sliding doors. This way we are able to make use of the maximum height of very high constructs Our boxes are made of 25mm thick melamine in various colors.
The materials for the doors: Glass, lacquer, wood veneer and HPL. Furthermore, in special furniture we use leather or leatherette in a wide range of colors.
The company designs and manufactures pieces with a vast range of units, colors and materials that are adapted to the needs and aesthetic of every client.